Trader loses $213,000 to phishing scam, blames Twitter

Twitter reply by an account called "@burntteoast", advertising a link to a supposed "Doodles 2" projectDoodles scam (attribution)
Crypto personality LoveMake.eth wrote a Twitter thread about how they fell victim to a phishing scam in which an account appearing to belong to the cofounder of the popular Doodles NFT project advertised a fake project in the replies to a thread by a real cofounder. The Twitter account appeared to be Doodles' cofounder burnttoast, but the handle was actually burntteoast. LoveMake connected their primary wallet, which was immediately drained of 61.5 ETH (~$120,000) and $93,400 in the Tether stablecoin.

LoveMake wrote on Twitter that "I am dyslexic and didn't notice that the Burnt Toast acc was scam. It was very similar to the original & Verified." They appeared to blame Twitter's new verification process, writing, "@Twittersupport can you explain the meaning of the word 'verified'? we're waiting for days every time we change pfp or display name and then I got scammed by verified account with exact the same name and pfp as Doodles founder in million views thread?"

Several days later, they posted a thread again criticizing the prevalence of crypto scammers on Twitter. "I put millions $ into web3 projects, with over 90k$ into Twitter ads. I was rugged many times and finally robbed but not broken. Thanks to twitter the most profitable web3 activity now is a scam. Shouldn't Twitter pay more attention to its own security?"