Jacked Ape Club triumphantly announces that the project sold out, and that the remaining supply has been destroyed... wait, what?

A muscular grey ape wearing a bucket hat, holding a hand weight in its mouth, with bloodshot eyes, wearing a bikini topJacked Ape #942 (attribution)
The Jacked Ape Club launched their public sale on February 10, offering 8,888 NFTs of illustrated apes much like the Bored Apes, but muscular. The following day they tweeted that, "The Jacked Ape collection has sold out! The remainder of the supply has been burnt so we can begin building". This led reasonable people to question how a project can both sell out and have remaining supply. It turned out that the Jacked Apes project had only sold about 3,200 of the NFTs, destroyed the remaining ~5,700, and then proclaimed that the NFTs had "sold out".