"Decentralized" BarnBridge closes up shop after claiming they are under SEC investigation

A small and rather unknown project called BarnBridge aimed to build a variety of defi yield projects. BarnBridge claimed to be decentralized and governed by a DAO.

On July 6, an attorney posted in the project's Discord server to say that BarnBridge and "individuals associated with the DAO" were under investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The attorney wrote: "To reduce potential further legal liability, existing liquidity pools should be closed, and no more liquidity pools should be started. All work on Barnbridge related products should stop, and individuals should no longer be compensated for any work they do related to Barnbridge until further notice." Decentralized!

It's not terribly surprising that BarnBridge chose to drop the facade of decentralization when the SEC came knocking, however. A recent case by the CFTC against the Ooki DAO suggests that the mere veil of "decentralization" will not be sufficient to avoid legal liability for the actions of a DAO. However, it is interesting to see the SEC now (at least allegedly) going after a relatively small player in the defi world.