Translation of RockTrader's tweets

Tweet linkI mistakenly deposited 10 BTC (US $385,000) and now I have a problem. Thread below.

Tweet linkThe broker is well-known in the United States. I made a deposit in LTC [Litecoin] to test, I sent US $24 (in LTC), and it gave me an error

Tweet linkThe next day I see 10 BTC, I get confused with the LTC I was waiting for, and I exchange it for USD. When more than $380,000 USD appears in my account, I'm surprised by the amount and I panic

Tweet linkIn the moment I didn't know what to do. The first thing that occurred to me was to exchange them back for BTC, because otherwise they could claim I owed them the difference if the price surged (after a while it did surge). I also wrote an email to support. I managed to buy back 9.8752 BTC.

Tweet linkI received an email that they had credited me $10

Tweet linkBut after a few hours I see that the BTC is no longer in my account and the worst ending: they want to charge me $3,632.90 USD for something, or they will pass the case to a debt collection agency.

Tweet linkI was charged commission on those transactions, and so it didn't amount to the original 10 BTC. They used my account to get 10 BTC, they operated on my account without authorization.

Tweet linkSo far no one at the company has given me an answer and they want me to pay for the charges, when they had a serious administrative error.